October 4, 2023

08:30 – 17:30

Sunday to Thursday

8890 Al Murabba Riyadh,

Saudi Arabia

Information Oasis has an impeccable track record of delivering invaluable Infrastructure solutions and services to support our customers’ unique business requirements and help them gain a competitive advantage.

With our global ICT expertise and knowhow in best-of-breed, leading-edge technologies, we will transform your ICT environment to meet your current and future business needs – enabling your enterprise to become more agile in delivering greater business value, enhancing your productivity and reducing the running costs of your business and ICT operations.

IO IT infrastructure solutions

The servers, storage, networks, and software solutions to take your business into the future

In collaboration with major hardware companies highly compatible enterprise-class servers built to handle mission-critical workloads while maintaining security and reliability

Our expert-level-only network engineers design and deploy secure custom-built networks for businesses that increase productivity and decrease operating costs. Protect your data, enable growth, and help users utilize your network resources securely and efficiently with high-performance network connectivity.

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