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Wireless Network Connectivity

Information Oasis has specific expertise to help companies Plan, Deploy, and Support the latest high speed 802.11 Wireless Networks.

Our IT staff is Experienced to make these systems work together, and do it all with the highest level of data security.

The market for mobile devices and wireless access is exploding. The 802.11ac (WiFi 5) and 802.11ax (WiFi 6) standards have increased our performance capabilities significantly.

More and more applications and devices are being designed to work over the wireless infrastructure to provide mobility for the user.

Applications such as Voice over WLAN, Electronic Medical Records, Asset Tags, Real-Time Location Services, and Guest Access are driving the need for always-on, secure WLAN.

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What’s Driving the Need for WiFi in Your branches?

There’s a direct correlation with the needs of coworking spaces and the trends among rapidly changing technology—as well as the shifts in the workforce and today’s customer expectations

In fact, taking a look at these trends would better prepare workspaces for the digital transformation and help them stay ahead of the competition.

Imagine your beautiful coworking space being transformed by IoT devices and your workflow simplified through cloud-based software—where everything actually works the way it’s meant to!

That’s the kind of future that a prepared environment with smarter WiFi can offer. If “a home needs a stable foundation,” then Your branches need a reliable wireless network.

Every good digital transformation strategy starts with growth projections and business goals and ends with a simple solution for an intelligent network.